Meet the Director

We at Golden State Home Care know that in caregiving the most important part of picking a service provider is that you trust them. After all, you are asking them to look after what you love most… your family. We would love for you to get to know our Director, Tracy Weirick.


Tracy Weirick was born and raised in the Los Angeles area and completed her B.A. in Political Science from the University of Southern California in 1991. Tracy is no stranger to running a successful business, her last business “Copy R Office Solutions” in Burbank, CA had 20 employees and she was able to return it to profitability after a rough few years.


While running “Copy R Office Solutions” Tracy saw firsthand the importance of building relationships and having excellent customer service. She saw the problems her company had, and created a better service department. Not just to improve the bottom line, but to better serve her customers. It was this experience that showed her that helping people—was her calling.


Tracy doesn’t look to solve business problems with robotic solutions, instead, she looks to see where she can improve the interaction between the company and the clients they are serving. She has made it her mission to always put the people before the business. And we are glad to have her at Golden State Home Care.

Tracy Weirick, executive director of Clavel Home Care
Our executive director, Tracy Weirick, with her son Chris.